General Submission Guidelines

We publish only poetry and flash (as prose poetic vignettes) written in the English language. We are eclectic in our tastes as long as it is "good poetry,” although it is never easy to say what constitutes "good poetry” ahead of reading it. The best is invariably the best by virtue of the surprises the poet creates. So surprise us. (By this we do not mean "shock us cheaply” or "horrify us with sloppy writing we are surprised you are not too embarrassed to submit.”) We are open to pretty much anything as long as it is not concrete poetry or poems with contrived layouts, words scattered all over the page, and the like because this type of work does not transfer well (or at all) into ebook format. We also do not want to see mishmashes or "mashups.”

Because our editors live in different locales yet must coordinate efficiently to handle their respective tasks, we require digital submissions uploaded by means of an online submission system, where you will find the specific types of work we are currently considering as well as any additional guidelines that may apply to special projects:

This system allows us (and you) to track submission status and minimizes the risk that your submission will be misplaced. If there is a deadline for submission to a specific category, it will be shown beneath the category.

Unless specifically stated, there is no submission fee. We accept simultaneous submissions for all categories with the proviso that you must promptly withdraw your submission through Submittable if it is accepted elsewhere. You must hold world (English-language) rights to, and provide acknowledgments for, any work that has been previously published in print or digital format.

Note: As a general rule, we do not give feedback on work that is submitted to us unless we think we might accept it if recommended revisions are made. Please do not ask. Unsolicited submissions by post or email will be ignored. Please keep your account information, especially email and mailing addresses, current in Submittable.

The best way to determine if your manuscript is a good fit for our press is to peruse our Archives and Good Works tabs. Also check our free promotions. Amazon carries our titles in print and Kindle formats, and the Kindle Sample and Look Inside features are useful for getting a feel for what we like.

Good Works Projects

Occasionally we publish anthologies of individual works organized around a theme or issue of importance to the world's health and well being. In lieu of contributor copies, each anthology is placed online in PDF format to be shared freely, which helps raise awareness. Paperback and Kindle editions are also published, with any proceeds from their sale donated to a related nonprofit cause.

Chapbooks and Full-Length Books

For book and chapbook manuscripts by a single author, a nonrefundable submission fee is charged. If accepted, our standard publishing contract is offered and the work copyrighted in the author's name. After publication, authors may submit individual works from their book to serial publications or for inclusion in anthologies without first obtaining written permission; we ask no permission fee but request that we receive acknowledgment for any original works first published by our press. If the reprint appears online, a mention of your book with a link to our website is customary.

Although we will consider manuscripts that have been previously published, all earlier editions (print and digital) must be out of print before we will contract to publish a new edition, and all global English-language rights must have reverted to you. This requirement does not apply to chapbooks, parts of which are incorporated into a full-length book with a different title. Previously self-published books will undergo the same editorial vetting, revision, and design process as manuscripts that have never been published. We ask all accepted book authors (and anyone who might be interested in how we approach publishing a book after the manuscript is accepted) to read our Guide for Authors.


Normally, we only use artwork or photographs on book covers (6" x 9" trimmed). Occasionally, we will use black and white line drawings or high-resolution grayscale art inside of a book, but only if we think it enhances the content. Please see our Guide for Authors for artwork requirements.


We publish online reviews of poetry books, chapbooks, and anthologies, both those written by us and those by outside reviewers. If you are interested in having a book or magazine honestly reviewed by us, submit a PDF (published books only) through Submittable. For printed books, please query us for the address to which you can mail a non-returnable review copy

Please follow Chicago Manual of Style or MLA format for citations. Do not type book or review titles in all caps. We strongly suggest that you read the important essay, Reviewing Reviews, which well presents our approach to reviews.

We do not consider self-reviews. If submitting your own review of someone else's published work, we will need a copy of the work you are reviewing, preferably in PDF format. To send a book or anthology, submit the review and ask in your cover letter where to mail the paper copy. Please note: We cannot be responsible for items lost in the mail.