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Requests for Review Copies

Because we are a small and very short-handed press, we prefer that anyone interested in reviewing our books add our Free Kindle Saturdays calendar to their own calendar and pick up all our titles when they are offered free. We repeat each title's free promotion approximately every six months, so if you miss one the first time, you'll have a chance later. We will consider requests for printed review copies on a case-by-case basis; these will be printed on demand and shipped directly from the printer. When emailing your request, please include the full title and author of the book you are interested in, information about your publication, details about the intended review or feature, and a copy/pasteable address block with reviewer's name and complete physical shipping address (no post office boxes).

Permissions Handling

Our authors handle their own reprint permissions. If you wish to reprint individual poems that we have published, as long as you are within the bounds of fair use and FutureCycle Press and the author are appropriately credited, you needn’t ask for permission. When in doubt, please send us an email with the details of your intended use. Include complete contact details in the body of the email and attach any release or payment form. Important: Please include the author’s full name in the subject line to facilitate our forwarding your email to the author.

Contacting Authors

Whenever possible, it is simpler and faster to contact authors directly through their Author Central link on the Catalog by Author tab; not all of our authors choose to publicize their contact information, however. Under no circumstances will we give out an author’s address. We will, however, forward your email to the last address we have for an author if you follow the procedure above for permissions.

Freelance Work

Our staff works long, hard, and without compensation. Any press earnings go to fund our ongoing operations. From time to time, we do provide our design or programming services to others, but as a rule we have our hands full with our own work. We are unable to hire outside help, and we are just not interested in changing our current vendors. If you are an artist, editor, or student interested in making a contribution on a volunteer basis, please send us your contact information and references and/or samples of your work, and we will place them in our Resources file. If we think we might have something for you, we will contact you.

Author Inquiries

We do not respond to queries about our interest in publishing work; you must go through our online submission engine to submit to us. Please read the Submission Guidelines before submitting. If you have fully reviewed our AboutInfo, and Guidelines tab items and still have questions, feel free to contact us. Please note, however, that if it is clear that you did not bother to review this information, we may ignore your email. You’ve got to meet us halfway!

Other Communication

If you need to reach us about something in particular that is not covered above, you can email Diane Kistner directly. Just be advised that she is always drowning in work and may not see, or be able to answer, your email for a while. And if you missed it before, click on any of the headings above to send a content-specific email.