Info for Booksellers

FutureCycle Press is a small nonprofit press and as such does not handle distribution or order fulfillment. All of our titles are released in print-on-demand (POD) format with our own ISBN numbers from Bowker. CreateSpace is our print-on-demand printer. Our books are available for order by booksellers, resellers, and libraries according to the terms of the CreateSpace Expanded Distribution Channel (EDC). Return policies, pricing, and availability should be discussed directly with the appropriate EDC distributor.

Expanded Distribution

  • The following information, although targeted to self- and independent publishers, is instructive for booksellers, resellers, and libraries.

    CreateSpace Expanded Distribution

    Like everything else in this world, CreateSpace’s policies are subject to change without notice, so always check with the source. Libraries and resellers can apply for a CreateSpace Direct account, which allows them to buy our books at wholesale prices through the EDC with no minimums.

    Application for CreateSpace Direct