Info for Educators

We are always happy to learn that one of our author’s work is being taught in a contemporary literature or creative writing course. We hope educators at the senior high school and college levels will consider adding one or more of our books to their optional reading lists. If you are an educator interested in evaluating our titles for possible course adoption or inclusion in your optional reading list, please pick up our Free Kindle Saturdays titles each weekend or drop us an email about your interest in a specific title. Properly attributed and within the bounds of fair use, individual poems can be used in class handouts at no charge; you needn’t write for permission. If you’d like your bookstore to stock a title in paperback, please refer them to Info For Booksellers.

Books for Students

  • Although printed copies can certainly be purchased through Amazon, Kindle editions are available at substantially lower cost—not to mention weight. Our ebooks are readable on computers, tablets, smart phones, and other devices using any of the free Kindle reading apps. Students can get free ebooks in several ways. We participate in the Kindle Lending Library Program, and we also run Free Kindle Saturdays promotions on our home page when selected Kindle editions can be “purchased” for free. Our Good Works titles, sales of which benefit designated charities, are also available as freely downloadable PDFs. In our Archives you’ll find hundreds of pages of poetry published in the now-defunct FutureCycle and FutureCycle Poetry magazines.