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by Joseph Hutchison

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What the Neighbors Know by Melanie McCabe

What the Neighbors Know

by Melanie McCabe

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FutureCycle Press is dedicated to publishing lasting poetry in both print (on demand) and ebook formats. Founded by long-time independent editor/publishers and partners Diane Kistner and Robert S. King, the press incorporated as a nonprofit in 2012. All of our editors, some of them distinguished poets and authors in their own right, volunteer their time to the press.

Submission Process

We publish English-language poetry books and chapbooks written by one author plus anthologies of individual poems and flash fiction. We read year-round, and it is not necessary to query before submitting to us. Unless specified for a particular category, there is no fee for submitting your work. We endeavor to respond within three months, earlier if possible. Simultaneous submissions are okay, but see our guidelines before submitting.

Our focus is on making books of high quality, and therefore we take our editorial role very seriously. We are becoming famous for the extra attention we pay to ensure the books we publish are as strong as they can be—and also for involving our authors in the design process. (If you are interested in the particulars of how we work, see our Guide for Authors.)

Publishing Model

We have evolved a publishing model that allows us to focus solely on vetting and preserving for posterity the most books of the highest quality without becoming overwhelmed with bookkeeping and mailing, fundraising activities, or taxing editorial and production "bubbles." Our contract is designed to give authors the maximum exposure for their work and also the maximum return on copies they sell. We are dedicated to giving all authors we publish the care their work deserves, making our catalog of titles the most distinguished it can be, and paying forward any earnings to fund more great books.

In Short

We are a small press determined to look like a big one.

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David Chorlton: Selected Poems
The Holyoke Diaries
Christopher Bursk: Selected Poems
Paul Hostovsky: Selected Poems
What the Neighbors Know
William Greenway: Selected Poems
Rough Beast
Blood Moon
Science And
Disappearing Act
The Human Part
Love Is a Burning Building
The Sauntering Eye
Why Not Take All of Me
The Knife Collector
The Other History
Malala: Poems for Malala Yousafzai
Half a Man
Christmas in Bethlehem
Sightings in the Land of the Dead
Miss Havisham in Winter
Disturbed Sleep
Joan Colby: Selected Poems
Fugitive Pigments
The Hermits of Dingle
Whatever It Takes to Makes Us Feel Alive
Controlled Hallucinations
Before Whose Glory
Bestiary of Souls
Sewing Lessons
What the Mouth Was Made For
Falling in Caves
Dazzling Wobble
Expecting Delays
The Red Coat
Wild Plums
Second Skin
Bullets in the Jewelry Box
For One Who Knows How to Own Land
Lunatic Speaks
Hurt Into Beauty
Naming the Dead
Dead Wendy
Dead Horses
The Abandoned Eye
Before Kodachrome
American Society: What Poets See
The Devil's Sonata
Fleeing Back
Air Swimmer
Leave It Behind
Violet Transparent
Simple Weight
Luminous Dream
Stealing Hymnals from the Choir
A Love Letter to Say There Is No Love
The Secret Life of Hardware
The Hunted River
Beyond the Bones
No Loneliness
The Gravedigger's Roots
The Porous Desert
Colma: City of the Dead/Elegy for Skeptics
Bed of Coals

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