Our Publishing Model

We have evolved a publishing model that allows us to publish books of high quality without becoming overwhelmed with bookkeeping and mailing, cash-flow crunches, “grant hustling,” or taxing editorial and production bubbles. Our approach is designed to maximize resilience and our ability to vet and publish books while minimizing stress and chaos. Time efficiency, stability, and a steadily growing catalog of well-crafted, eclectic books are our main priorities. We are dedicated to giving all of our authors the care their work deserves, making our catalog the most distinguished it can be, and paying forward any earnings to fund more great books.

Key Features

  • Paperback and Kindle editions of all titles
  • Skilled, professional editorial and production team
  • Books kept in print indefinitely (with optional “out” after five years)
  • Weekly Free Kindle Saturdays promotions
  • Ongoing social network presence
  • Free PDF copies available for the asking for review or classroom use

  • Additional Perks

  • No required book sales or minimum author-copy purchases (i.e., no pressure)
  • No submission fee for book prize contention in the year the book is published
  • Online sales percentage-based book prize honorarium (average $1,000+ each year)
  • Author-controlled reprint requests handling with no fee-to-press permissions requirements
  • Indefinite deep discounts on author copies in lieu of royalties (see our sample contract)
  • Five free paperback copies (see our Guide for Authors)