Author Copies 

We only handle discounted book orders for our authors; all others seeking discounts must go through Amazon’s expanded distribution network, which offers special pricing for booksellers and those selling books directly on Amazon.

Authors let us know via our pre-order form the books they want us to order for them. Excepting the slightly higher priced Selected Poems editions, this form also provides authors with all the information they need to determine in advance how much their books will cost, including shipping and handling, almost to the penny. When ready to initiate an order, the author clicks send, and we email back an itemized invoice they can pay whenever they wish. Once payment has cleared, we order the books printed and shipped directly to the author. Try it. We think you’ll like it.

Author Copy Estimator and Pre-Order Form

Except for our “multiples of 25” requirement, there are no limits on how many books an author can order. Authors can even swap out some of their fellow authors’ books for their own at the same deep discount. The pre-order form can be used on any device, including phones, to send an author copy order request to us. You will receive a copy by email (from the JotForm wizard) so you can check to be sure you didn't ask for 250 copies instead of 25.