Free Kindle Days 

Every day, we give away the Kindle edition of one or more books from our catalog, pricing them on Amazon at 0.00. Just click here for a list of all of our titles with the free ones sorted toward the top. Don’t be fooled by the Kindle Unlimited price of 0.00, which is always available for all of our titles. Instead, look for the tiny type underneath that says “Or 0.00 to buy,” click to go to the book page, and buy it while it’s free so it’s always yours and you can loan it to your friends.

All FutureCycle Press titles are offered free at least once a year. If you miss out on the free edition of a poet’s work that you really want, you can still pick it up for the very low standard price at any time. Or bookmark the list and check back every week to be sure you get it next time. (Hint: Some days will have more freebies than others. What day of the week starts with the same letter as the word “free”?)