Contributor Discounts 

The Good Works projects, by design, are meant to be philanthropic: all of us together giving freely of our time, talents, and the fruits of our work to improve our world. The press donates 100% of the net royalties from sales to a project's designated charity.

Our experience in the past has been that when contributors—who, face it, constitute the lion’s share of a particular anthology’s readership—are given deep discounts, there is nothing left to donate and the project fails in its purpose. So why bother doing it? Yes, those big, fat anthologies are gorgeous—but we want them to count for more than making us all proud. We hope most contributors will choose to support the Good Works intent and be happy with a digital copy that can be read on any device with a Kindle reading app. We really don't want to have to start charging submission fees to cover the cost of subsidizing contributor copies—it’s too important to us that everyone, no matter their income, be able to share their work and have their voices heard. Doesn’t our very future depend on this?

To maximize what we can donate, contributors to an anthology receive a Kindle edition (in .mobi format, as an email attachment), which can be emailed to your Kindle address (see Amazon, Manage Content & Devices to find your address) or opened with a Kindle Reading App on your phone or computer. Through the month following the date of publication, those contributors who purchase the paperback edition from Amazon may request a rebate of 60% per copy; the remaining 40% is Amazon's piece of flesh.

To qualify for a rebate, we must receive by email a PDF copy of the order marked shipped (as shown in this sample order with print/save how-to). All FutureCycle Press titles are eligible for Amazon free shipping; rebates apply only to the edition’s listed purchase price. Rebates will be sent by Google Pay ONLY, either to a qualifying mobile phone number (preferred) or email address, typically within a week of receipt of the rebate request. You will need to have, or create, a Google account. To receive funds at an email address other than the one from which the request is sent, clearly specify that email address in the body of the original request. We will not undo/redo rebates once we send them.